A nice clean pair of slacks and modest top should be good for either man or woman


Modesty is what we are discussing and respect for our Lord. We have the same problem in our church and the priest has discussed it, asking the parish to please keep modesty in mind but I have never noticed a bit of improvement. No place gets as hot in north america as we do here in Arizona but we keep the A/C turned to extra cold to help the cause and even then, the men show up in shorts and flip flops and the women in sun dresses fit to wash cars in. little children… they get dressed up. Go figure??

Thank you for this article. We need more of this from the clergy! I feel blessed to belong to a church that publishes a Dress Code in the Sunday Bulletin. The church is located in Littleton, Co. and is a Latin Mass church with two priests from the order of St. Peter. I have been very happy since I joined that community. Respectfully in Christ, Magdalen Mauldin

Eww. I don’t wear dresses or skirts. Anywhere. Even if I was to go to meet The Queen I never would I wear that. What if you’re just not comfortable with “proper attire”?

Unless dress is a distraction from the Mass because of immodesty, let’s quit the nonsense about wearing “Sunday best” clothing. Mass attendance has dropped precipitously and you are worried about inappropriate clothing! Were Jesus first visitors, the shepherds, so concerned with clothing that they went home and changed before going to the Manger? C’mon Monsignor get with it and go after the real abuses in the Church – cafeteria Catholicism; Ted Kennedy not being required to publicy renounce his Pro Choice record before receiving absolution; reception of Communion by Catholic politicians and the Supreme Court who willfully violate Catholic dogma etc.etc.

Well if you read my blog you’ll know that your charges about me are baseless. You seem to judge me by one article I have written. I has over 400 blog articles at this site. Try a little research and you’ll discover that we discuss a lot of things here.

It could be heard throughout the very large church and was with such unbelievable beauty and reverence I will remember it for the rest of my life!

The Blessed Mother at Fatima said there will be fashions introduced that will offend Our Lord very much. When a woman wears LOW necked, bare shoulderd tops, pants so tight they look like they are spray painted on and skirts so short they do not even cover the buttocks as was seen at a Mass in L.A. this definitely could cause anyone to be distracted much less cause a man’s thoughts to go astray and if so the woman will also guilty for his sin. The priests must keep their eyes open to give Communion and are subjected to this time and again at the holiest part of the Mass. This is unbelievably insensitive to our priests and sinful. People misunderstand judging. The bible says only God can judge hearts but we must judge actions and if we see someone doing something which could lead them to hell we must warn them or we will be held responsible. But we must not jump to conclusions. One Saturday night years ago we rushed my mother to a hospital many miles away. I was wearing jeans and could not change before Mass the next day. I was very embarrasseed because NO ONE wore jeans to church then but I would not miss Mass and I knew God understood. I still will not wear jeans to Sunday Mass out of respect and reverence. Wear nice, clean, and neat clothing but NEVER anything mmodest. No one should even own such clothing. Recently a young boy 4 years old or less, in a very clear, beautiful voice said at the moment of Consecration HOLY HOLY HOLY MY LORD AND MY GOD! “A little child will lead them”.