DVRs with a radar detector: rating of hybrids 2020

Two-in-one devices have always been popular: for example, you can buy one hybrid gadget that works as both a DVR and a radar detector. The best representatives of this class of devices are in our rating.


Dashcams with radar detector/20

A modern motorist sometimes needs to have several devices in the cabin at once: for example, a DVR and a radar detector. So why not combine them in one package? That’s right, there are such gadgets, and this time we’ll talk about them.

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By the way, we have seen more than one rating of DVRs with a radar detector of 2020 on the Internet, but there is a nuance. Radar detectors are devices that interfere with speed detection. In our country and in other European countries they are prohibited. Radar detectors do not interfere with the process, they only let the driver know that the speed of his car will be measured. Such electronics are also banned in many states, but we can ride with it without problems. Therefore, it would be wrong to indicate that the rating contains DVRs with radar detectors.

So, what are the best combo devices: here is our latest top.

Roadgid X8 Hybrid GT

One of the most popular hybrids according to Yandex.Market statistics in the middle price range. The popularity is justified by a set of three important features: a signature radar detector without interference, night shooting on the Sony IMX307, WI-FI for updating camera bases and managing video recordings via a mobile phone.

Users note a brief system of voice alerts and rare false positives of the radar detector. Video recording is carried out in a resolution of 1920 * 1080 with a viewing angle of 170 ° thanks to wide-format optics. For users looking for higher recording resolutions and more features, the lineup includes the flagship single and dual camera combos Roadgid Premier.


Model from a well-known Korean manufacturer. His devices have always been inexpensive, therefore popular. COMBO No. 5 is just such a budget option for those who are not ready to spend more than 10,000 rubles. to the DVR with "anti-radar".

Video resolution is typical for this class of Full HD gadgets. The viewing angle is quite sufficient, 135 °. What is important, the device has a small rechargeable battery (540 mAh). It will allow, if necessary, to turn off the main power and shoot video offline: for example, car damage as a result of an accident.

The radar detector is "sharpened" for all ranges, including the popular K and laser speed meters. In general, users have no comments on the operation of the detector, although some complain about freezes at low temperatures. Also, the firmware update by the user is not always successful – if it is installed incorrectly, you have to carry the devices to the warranty service.